Hello and Thank You for looking in at my work.
I really do hope you like what you see as it represents a lot of my vision and thinking.
I have been a Professional Photographer for almost 4 decades and that is a long time.
Photography and Imagery has been a total passion of mine for many many years.
Almost everything I see and everybody I meet I visualise through the lens of my cameras and imagine how it or they would look on a perfectly finished and framed photographic print.
That is the ethos behind my work and the reason I do everything to achieve optimum quality.
Needless to say I only use the very best equipment coupled with the very finest materials to achieve the perfect image that my clients look for and deserve. Anything less than the very best is not good enough.That is the reason I am proud of my work and I am safe in the knowledge that if you have a Fine Art Landscape or Portrait with my signature on it you are getting the very best that the photographic industry can produce.
If you have any questions or would simply like more information please contact me anytime.